Star Kiteboarding Kites Now Available with Kitty Hawk Kites

star taina kiteboarding kiteWe’re very excited to announce that Star Kiteboarding is now available with Kitty Hawk Kites! Founded in 2005, Star is an international kiteboarding company that's currently headquartered in sunny Miami, Florida.

A company that's dedicated to designing top quality kiteboarding equipment, Star as a brand has been growing in popularity year-after-year and gaining momentum as one of the sports most trusted names.

Visit our kiteboarding resort in Rodanthe, NC or browse our online kiteboarding store and choose from either the TAINA or SIRIUS kites from Star Kiteboarding. 

TAINA was originally released in 2010, and after five years of refinement, this best seller comes with a completely revamped, fresh, and clean new design with an entirely new graphic identity.

The kite is very safe and easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners and kiteboarding schools. TAINA has total depower ability and is constructed in a shape that makes the kite virtually impossible to stall. You'll also enjoy the kite's effortless re-launch ability.

SIRIUS is an outstanding, hybrid C kite with three different connections (hybrid C, pure C and 5th line) with a revolutionary connection system on bridles that allow you to switch from one mode to the next within just a few seconds.

About 90% of Star Kiteboarding’s riders and clients choose the TAINA as their primary kite, and the company designed the SIRIUS for the other 10% that are looking for a hardcore, wake style/competition kite.