Outer Banks Fliteboard™ E-Foil Lessons

No wind, no waves, no problem.


KHK Kiteboarding is proud to be an official Fliteboard™ Fliteschool. We are offering E-foil lessons for light and no wind days.  In just one lesson, you can certainly find your flow and effortlessly plane your Fliteboard for a smooth ride above the water.

Fliteboarding is easier than one may think.  We recommend starting on your belly then progressing to your knees. Once you get used to lifting the board up on foil and setting it back down, you are ready to stand.  Even with no previous board sports experience, most people learn after an hour of good lessons.  

Why E-Foil?

Learning to E-Foil is not only an epic way to spend a windless day in Hatteras - it is the easiest barrier to entry to learn to ride a hydrofoil. Once you understand the balance required to ride a hydrofoil, these skills transfer to kite foiling, wing foiling or even wake foiling behind a boat.