Fly & Ride Intro Kiteboarding Lesson Voucher

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The Fastest Way to Learn Kiteboarding

The Fly and Ride course is our beginner kite lesson.  This group lesson covers all of the skills and information need to know for you to start kiting.  This a two part course includes a short classroom session where you learn how kiteboarding works, how to gauge wind speed and quality, and how the safety systems work. After that we go straight to the water where you will learn basic skills like how to fly the kite and manage yourself in the water.  The last half of the lesson you will spend your time sharpening your kite skills, performing power strokes and how to get up on the board. 

The Fly & Ride course has a maximum of 3 students per instructor.  The lesson also includes all of the gear you will need. This full day course will get you stoked on kiting and ready to ride.  We offer this lesson only at our location at Waves Village in Rodanthe, North Carolina.  Don’t miss your chance to experience kiteboarding with Kitty Hawk Kites – sign up today for your first day of kiteboarding!

Once this voucher purchased, we will contact you or call 252.987.2297 to schedule a lesson. Group discount applied at checkout.

1 Person / 3 Hours / $499 per person

2 People / 4 Hours / $475 per person

3 People / 5 Hours / $450 per person