Fall/Winter wetsuits are here and we can't believe the warmth of the NP Combat Suit. It's 3.5m suit that is easily warmer than most 4/3s especially on windy days. Check out our wide selection of wetsuits, ranging in style, size, and thickness. Buying your first wetsuit? Check-out our How to Choose a Wetsuit guide

Not sure what suit to get for your local conditions? Here is a general reference for what thickness of wetsuits you need based on water temperature and some of our favorite suits.
3/2: 60-75F (15-23C) -  NP Rise 3/2 
4/3: 50-60F (10-60C) - NP Combat 3.5
5/4: 32-50F (0-10C) - Mystic Majestic 5/3