F-One Big One Board Twintip Kiteboard

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What a catch!

With the BIG ONE, explore the fascinating world of riding in extremely light breezes. You may ride with complete confidence at any time thanks to this board's exceptional stability and dependability, which include early planing abilities and sticky footing.

  • Amazing lightwind performances
  • Fantastic stability and grip
  • Very easy control for a locked-in feel

Beginners, larger riders, and those looking for a dependable low-wind platform for a simple Twin-Tip session will love the BIG ONE. This board prioritizes grip and control over surface area to deliver an incredibly stable ride.

The board is incredibly intuitive and simple to operate thanks to its parabolic shape, rounded corners, and narrow, tight rails.

Excellent planing sensations and a smooth ride are provided in all conditions by the deep double concave on the bottom. This important bottom contour maintains the board on course by giving you a locked-in feeling.

Because of the increased length and width, even at low speeds, planning is very simple and quick, allowing you to concentrate on controlling your kite while the board takes care of the necessary edges and support.

The board can flex somewhat while under load thanks to its mild flex. This improves comfort and makes riding the board less strenuous and more doable. When needed, the additional rocker and drawn-in tips will also help you navigate through choppy waters.

The fin placements are offset for easy upwind performance and to maximize grip when edging the board.

There are two sizes for the BIG ONE: 160x45cm and 164x48cm. Four UNIBOX 50mm fins, whose thinner profile allows for enhanced speed and glide, are included with both sizes.