F-One Slice Bamboo 5'3 Surfboard Kiteboard

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Naturally fun.

A staple in our surfboard lineup, the SLICE BAMBOO is a compact surf in a bamboo sandwich construction which does an excellent job of covering both strapless freestyle and small to medium-sized wave surfing.

  • Planes with ease and pops excellently
  • Super stable and fantastic edging
  • Total control during airs
  • Active and playful whilst surfing

The ideal features of strapless freestyle are the small size, the thin rails, the sharp kick on the rocker, and the deep channel on the bottom. The board offers soft and solid landings, a powerful natural pop, and ease of maneuverability in the air.

The SLICE BAMBOO glides effortlessly and has amazing upwind capabilities thanks to its comparatively parallel shape. Even in gentle waves, accelerations are simpler and progress through the water is quicker and more effective with this flatter rocker and straighter rails.

Additionally, the small rails provide excellent control and seamless edging through chop. This board is very approachable and predictable in the surf, with a compact form that makes turning in smaller waves a breeze.

The gentle transition from rail to tail facilitates an easy turn initiation and makes the transition from edge to carving effortless. In addition to its rounded nose, the bottom features a single channel with a double concave, which enhances control and comfort in the waves while preserving float during strapless maneuvers.

Utilizing the inherent qualities of bamboo veneers, the SLICE BAMBOO has an effective and dependable bamboo construction. In order to add extra durability and reinforcement, this board is constructed with two layers of complete bamboo on the deck and one on the bottom.

Each has a fin set of Futures F4 437 Thruster, foot strap inserts, and a tail pad. If desired, it is also possible to add a front and middle pad.

With its accessibility, versatility, and dynamic nature in the water, the SLICE BAMBOO is an excellent choice for riders who are new to directional riding, those seeking stability during transitions, and those seeking to explore a variety of riding styles, including wave-smashed turns and airborne tricks.

Additionally, it performs best in onshore circumstances with small to medium-sized waves that aren't too strong.