F-One One Board Twintip Kiteboard 150x48

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Perfect for freeriding, the ONE is comfortable, easy to manage, and provides easy upwind performances.

  • Freeride Perfect Weapon
  • Very Comfortable And Forgiving
  • Early Planning
  • Great Upwind Performance
  • Incredible Control And Stability

With its lengthy length and straight rocker, the ONE provides effortless planning and effective edging to help you get underway and maintain your path upwind.

Because of its good flex, the board stays comfortable and easy for the legs to use.

The tips' moderate width provides excellent mobility. This board is incredibly adaptable and forgiving, featuring rounded tips and a varied outline.

The board is quite easy to control and feels very comfy in the chop because to the single concave on the bottom. The board has some additional width on the two largest sizes, which are designed especially for riding in light wind, to provide maximum lift and extremely early planing.

The ONE is extremely durable because of its ABS sidewalls and a special deck reinforcing patch.

The ONE comes with 50 mm unibox fins

The majority of your board's mechanical qualities, including strength, flex, and resilience (the capacity to regain its original shape), come from the wood, which serves as its core.

To make sure you get the most out of your board and the most comfort, we constantly look for the optimum compromise between strength, stiffness, and weight while adjusting the wood thickness distribution.

Our goal was to obtain assistance as well as more frequent, progressive interaction in the water.
We took a surfing rail type and maintained only the bottom portion; the outcome is a rail profile that is inverted. Its board response is gentler and its entry into the water is more gradual.

The revolutionary UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins increase the overall ride and early planing thanks to the asymmetrical shape.

On powerful freestyle landings, however, the RESPONSE fins' flex provides incredible rail-grip in addition to pop and forgiveness.