Cabrinha 03S Nitro

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With the Nitro, Cabrinha elevated large air kiting in 2004. It was an innovative kite that propelled riders to the top of podiums all over the world. After 19 years, we have pushed the limits of the huge air domain and are returning it to its roots.

The Nitro has returned. Cab Design Works' Pat Goodman creation, the ultimate in Big Air kiting.

Development was conducted with no restrictions to explore what could be produced that could achieve the highest possible levels of stability and height. The Nitro, an item from the Apex line, makes use of cutting-edge materials that were created especially for inflated constructions to be flown in big air kiting's demanding conditions. The Ultra HT material maintains the kite in a stable arc thanks to its exceptional warp and weft elongation strength, particularly under load. However, the reactive bias movement enables the kite to turn even when subjected to more pressure, allowing the kite to fly effectively and recover from loops.
Big Air kiting has never been more extreme as a sport. Previously separate tricks are now merged into a one jump, placing more demands on the product. The Nitro is the kind of kite you need to get to the extremities of kiteboarding.

5 Strut, Hi Aspect.

  • NEW:  Lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance
  • NEW:  Sprint 3.0
  • NEW:  Ultralite bladders for an overall lighter weight kite
  • NEW:  Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy:  Durability, stability and responsiveness
  • NEW:  Ultra HT - strong, stable and responsive material, exclusive to the NITRO kite
  • NEW: Durable TPU leading edge bumpers
  • NEW:  Bi-direction Pure Profile Panels - the smoothest & 3d correct canopy shape.

          Wind Range: