F-One Magnet Carbon 5'1 Surfboard Kiteboard

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F-ONE brings a revolution to the strapless freestyle world: the slim tech carbon custom.

  • 2.3 KG! The lightest kite strapless board ever built
  • Finally, a technology able to resist to the most extreme tricks
  • Sticks to your feet throughout the whole jump
  • Huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile
  • Immediately improves your riding skills

You can now land all of the strapless tricks you have been practicing for months by jumping higher! The board clings to your feet thanks to its unbelievable light weight and low profile, which allows you to hold onto it for a lot longer when performing tricks.

Even in the worst weather, the decreased thickness results in better control and a creative flex that offers far more comfort and precision when riding and landing. In terms of control, it feels completely different and provides more immediate feedback. Its parallel design and straight rocker line provide you the speed and stability you need to propel massive aerial maneuvers.

The landings are much more controllable and smoother when the deep channels on the board's bottom are combined with the appropriate amount of flex.

The MAGNET CARBON is constructed using the ground-breaking SLIMTECH CARBON Custom method, which makes it extraordinarily durable and light—possibly the two most crucial characteristics of a strapless freestyle board.A grab rail has been recessed into the deck to make it easy to grab the board during those tic-tacs, and the pad covers enough of the board to provide you the extra grip you need in every situation. The most cutting-edge strapless board available, the MAGNET CARBON, will revolutionize your riding experience.

A PVC foam core that has been CNC-shaped is used in the SLIM Tech Carbon Custom process. A carbon fiber skin is then completely wrapped around the core. Each layer of skin is meticulously arranged and sealed with a vacuum bag to ensure minimal weight and optimal fiber effectiveness. The boards are remarkably light and robust thanks to this hand-crafted laminating.

*Improved board control: You'll have a better, more acute sense of what the board is doing when your feet are closer to the bottom of the board.

*Reduced weight: We can utilize fewer and a more varied assortment of components in the shell by using a stronger core material. This shell can be made considerably lighter while maintaining its strength and stiffness properties by using carbon. This means that the board is extremely light in addition to its reduced volume.

*Strengthened: The board's core is no longer a delicate blank that is prone to dings, dents, and breaks. The SLIM Tech boards are more robust and resilient.

*Improved Flex: By using a smaller profile, the skin fiber layup can be changed to better control the board's flex. The board's strength lies in this flex, which is a true invention. It won't shatter; it will bend.