2022 F-One Linx Bar Control Bar

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What F-One has to say about the 2022 Linxbar:

The LINX BAR is our control system, a dual adjustable length bar that comes in two sizes (38/45cm and 45/52cm). It perfectly blends lower weight and simplicity with excellent comfort and function.

  • Adjustable bar length
  • New depower sheath to increase durability
  • New automatic lifeline swivel
  • Intuitive and super precise depower system

    The bar itself has a slim diameter and a secure grip that is gentle on the hands. The grip has a delicate texture and a rubbery feel to it. When your fingers are wrapped around the bar at the top, it feels slightly cushier but firmer underneath.

    The mechanism to change the size of your bar is housed in the integrated floats at the ends of the bar. Your bar size can be altered by simply removing the tag from beneath the bar and rotating the insert. Additionally, you will be able to change the length of your backlines.

    For increased durability, the bar now has a lifeline enclosed in a new rectangular depower sheath. The centerline won't rub against the aluminum tube or the user's fingers thanks to this innovative feature.

    The depower mechanism is now smaller and hence more precise, and the stainless-steel cleat used to control the power has been upgraded for more simplicity above the bar.

    With the LINX BAR, you can alternate between a low and high V:

    Low V for the FURTIVE, ONE, BREEZE V2 & V3, and TRIGGER
    If you lose contact with your bar, a second float is positioned above the depower mechanism to keep you buoyant.

    With orange on the left and dark blue on the right, the color coding of the bar is very obvious.

    The lark's head loops at the ends of the lines are fastened to the connectors on the bridles.

    Above the push, the quick release has a manual swivel that can be used to untwist your lines. The new stainless steel ring on which the leash is hung and a plastic stud make up the minimalist below-the-bar lifeline swivel. Your lifeline is effortlessly untwisted as it revolves.