Cabrinha CROSSWING X2 6M

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Wingsurfing is truly gaining up as a sport, and its potential applications are growing tremendously. The all-new Crosswing X2 offers cutting-edge features not found in previous wings and follows the sports' performance leap.

The Crosswing X2 is extraordinarily stiff and rigid thanks to its brand-new body shape and inflatable structure. While carrying enormous loads or receiving powerful air boosts, the wing maintains its shape.

Many significant techniques have been taken to increase the control factor. First off, we've completely segregated the leading edge inflated section from the air boom inflation. This enables us to apply the appropriate pressure to each segment separately to create the amazing stiffness of the X2 while in flight. Then, using our special Double StrutTM technology, we expanded upon that idea.
The X2's Double StrutTM technology enables one deflated tiny strut to support the canopy profile, while the second "boom" strut is created for perfect ergonomics and predictable wing control. Without compromising, each strut performs its specific role and purpose.

We created a hybrid handle system that combines the greatest qualities of a stiff boom and the flexibility of a webbing handle as a reference to Wingsurfing's exceptional portability. As a result, the handle is wider, enabling the rider to fine-tune their hand placements as they ride in order to reach the ideal center of effort. The rigid handles provide the rider more direct control over the wing input, which immediately affects wing control. As an added plus, the wing may still be folded and packed compactly for simple portability.
The X2's improved performance is noticeable across the board in Wingsurfing. from rapid starts to fast runs. The Crosswing X2 is equipped to perform anywhere your imagination takes you, from tight surfing to massive airs.
  • NEW ultra rigid double strut for aerofoil support and improved response
  • NEW wide span handle layout for micro adjustment/trim
  • NEW harness line attachment point
  • NEW increased LE diameter for improved stiffness & canopy tension
  • NEW improved low end
  • NEW hybrid dihedral for increased stiffness and roll stability
  • Nano ripstop
  • High tenacity dacron LE
  • Sprint inflate valve
  • Extremely safe operation
  • Safety wrist leash included
  • Kevlar wing tip reinforcem