F-one Bandit XV Kiteboarding Kite 12M Abyss/Glacier

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The F-ONE design team has once again put in an incredible lot of effort to make the ultimate kiting experience for all riders, 15 years after the first BANDIT was born. Jump higher, effortlessly pull off your favorite feats, and upgrade your riding. Never before has the relationship between the rider and the kite felt so organic.

  •  Impressive stability no matter the conditions
  •  Absolute control at all time
  • Amazing responsiveness for epic sensations
  • Precision flying with an excellent range and efficiency
  •  Improved boost, hangtime and kiteloops
  • Effortless upwind abilities




Regardless of what the wind is doing, the BANDIT is remarkably stable in the air. You are able to execute at a high level in every situation thanks to its excellent control. Gusts are converted into forward pull by the kite.

With the new BANDIT, your huge air moves will be better. This year's kite loop is speedier and has a smaller turning radius, letting you adjust the level of intensity as desired. Your kite provides complete support, so your landings are softer since you have that extra lift.

Precision flying is made possible by the outstanding instant steering reaction, which strikes the ideal mix between user-friendliness and kite feedback impulses. As a result, there is no stalling and the feeling is quite linear. Experience the wonderful BANDIT sensation of the steering and sheeting interacting so flawlessly.

Improved hang time, pure jump height, and vertical boost are all features of the BANDIT XV. The kite can be loaded and sent with less effort and skill.

Going upwind is simple and comfortable; after attempting new maneuvers and high jumps, it will charge you back upwind!

The kite provides unmatched bar sensation, the best relaunching capabilities, and remarkable stability because to its iconic Delta C-Shape, the only still patented kite design.

For maximum mobility and stability, the leading edge has been modified with one additional segment and a new diameter.

The most streamlined profile for the steadiest flying is provided by the new double vertical panel surrounding the trailing edge, the double canopy trailing edge, and the lighter Dacron between S1 and S2.

To increase control even more, reinforcement and the general structure have also been strengthened.

The BANDIT never fails to dazzle, having been on Most Wanted for 15 years.





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