Why Buying a Kiteboarding Trainer Kite is a Great Idea


Apart from getting kiteboarding lessons from a trained, experienced instructor, investing in a kiteboarding trainer kite is a great way to get started off with learning how to kiteboard. At first, kitesurfing does require a decent financial investment, you'll need an appropriately sized kiteboard, a solid kite for whatever wind conditions are common in your area, a harness that fits snug as well as line and a bar that you're comfortable with.

Certainly after thinking about purchasing all of these items you may be reluctant to also consider purchasing a kiteboarding trainer kite, but you may want to reconsider. Kiteboarding has a somewhat steep learning curve, and can be quite dangerous if you’re out on the water with a huge kite and not entirely sure of the proper safety techniques and kite handling best practices.

If you aren’t properly trained to fly a kiteboarding kite, then you quickly cause damage to your newly purchased gear and quite possible injury yourself or one of the kiteboarders around you. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of kiteboarders who lost control of their kite and ended up being dragged across the water for an extended period of time. Some of the videos show kiteboarders being lifted 20+ feet in the air with no clue as to how to safely get down.

Don't be that guy or girl.

Many of the seasoned instructors at our kiteboarding school in Rodanthe, NC will tell you, learning to control the kite is easily the most important skill to learn for beginners. Apart from investing in some kiteboarding lessons, shelling out some extra dollars for a kiteboarding trainer kite can go a long way in your journey to becoming a kiteboarding expert. Kiteboarding trainer kites range in price from $100 on the low end, to $500 for some of the higher-end, bigger trainer kites.

A few reasons we like kiteboarding trainer kites:

  • Trainer kites are great for crashing. When you’re first learning how to fly one of these big kites, you are going to crash the kite, a lot. Trainer kites are very forgiving when it comes to crashing into the ground.
  • You can focus on learning how to fly the kite without worrying about your board riding skills. Its much easier to control a kite with both of your feet planted on solid ground.
  • Kiteboarding trainer kites are fun! Yes, they have the word “trainer” in their name, but they are seriously fun to fly. Some of the bigger models can even lift you off the ground if the conditions are just right and you know what you’re doing.
  • It’s much easier to learn how to control the bar when practicing with a trainer kite as opposed to a full size kiteboarding kite as well. Beginners can get the kite lines tangled up fairly quickly, so its best to figure out what you’re doing with a smaller kite as opposed to a full fledged kiteboarding kite. Nobody likes a big mess… no one.
  • Trainer kites are also fun for your family and friends to learn the basics and get into the sport around the same time you are. After all, its more fun to have a riding partner… or two.

Kiteboarding is one of the most thrilling, genuinely fun sports on the planet, and purchasing a kiteboarding trainer kite will help you hone in on your kite flying skills and get you on a fast track to being a proficient kiteboarder. Flying your trainer kite off and on for a good 10 to 20 hours will go a long way. 

A seriously fun sport, once you get the basics of kite flying down, you'll be out on the water kiteboarding like a pro in no time.