2023 F-One Strike Wing V3 CWC

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The STRIKE CWC V3 is the ideal light-wind weapon since it is portable, lightweight, and simple to use. Since the STRIKE CWC's introduction to the market, our innovative 3-strut wing has dominated light-wind wing foiling, proving to be the optimal design for a big surface wing. With its brand-new, ground-breaking design and the newest materials and technology from F-ONE, the CWC V3 will give you the confidence to demonstrate your wing foiling prowess on any day with light wind. 

• Patented compact design provides maximum power with impressive maneuverability. 

• Smaller wingspan brings efficient pumping and maintains the wingtips away from the surface of the water. 

• A small diameter center strut allows these large surfaces to keep a record weight. 

• Its perfect balance facilitates the creation of apparent wind, while increasing its high end capacities. 

• New HITEX and NANO for increased durability. 


We focused on three areas for this CWC V3 in order to increase performance and durability: the materials, their positioning, and the design. 


HITEX 158g and 178g make up the STRIKE CWC V3's leading edge and middle strut. This innovative, high-tenacity polyester is unique to F-ONE and delivers excellent elongation resistance, increasing durability and performance.

Because of the HITEX 158g and its independent valve, which permits better pressure control, the center strut has a smaller diameter. Its longitudinal reinforcements aid in controlling its resistance and form.

HITEX 178g is used for the two center segments of the leading edge on each side of the strut, whereas 158g is used for the remaining parts. To account for the various stresses, high pressures, and weight distribution in this region, both materials are distributed exactly.

We have also maintained the original narrow leading edge diameter at the wingtips, which adds agility, comfort, and glide in addition to being lighter and having less inertia.

 The CWC V3 also includes our brand-new NANO canopy. The whole canopy of the wing is covered with this ground-breaking 55g micro ripstop polyester material. It benefits from a NANO coating and a plasma treatment procedure, which increases rigidity and increases durability by reducing elongation and tearing. This wing is nevertheless lightweight and comfortable thanks to optimized construction and materials. It benefits from a NANO coating and a plasma treatment procedure, which increases rigidity and increases durability by reducing elongation and tearing. This wing is nevertheless lightweight and comfortable thanks to optimized construction and materials. 


We have created a brand-new design using sail engineering; every detail has been carefully planned out to allow the wing's shape to be adjusted to the stresses and new materials.

On the CWC V3, every panel is carefully placed to support a particular load. The revolutionary radial center panels, which are mapped to precisely follow every load trajectory, are combined with horizontal panels on the front of the wing that are divided from them by a vertical seam. A vertical panel controls the trailing edge. To disperse stress, small radial incisions are also used on the wingtips and the back of the strut. Stretch may be regulated to a level never before seen on a wing by precisely aligning the fiber along the load lines.

The STRIKE CWC's wind range is increased and the range of wind strengths where the wing feels right is wider than ever before because to this precision load control.

The fabric and its seams perform better with our staggered seams to maintain a clean and effective profile, and the flying shape of the wing never deforms under load. Everyone can ride completely balanced on both arms and in complete comfort because to the profile's superb stability and control.

The revised radial cuts and trailing edge tensions have greatly improved performance. Our unique Load Diffuser, which is mounted on the back of the strut and is formed of overlapping panels of strong Mylar and Dacron, contributes to keeping the profile efficient and slim while ensuring the highest levels of stability, performance, and longevity.

Every piece of reinforcement on this wing has been examined for durability and weight reduction.



We have stiffened our handles while maintaining their original, lightweight construction, which doesn't feature any harsh pieces that could harm your wing, dent your board, or cause you to hit yourself. This will further enhance and maximize the rider's control of the wing. Your wrist will always be in line with your arm thanks to the flexibility of our gripping, ergonomic, and pleasant handles.

Additionally, it allowed us to create the strut exactly how we wanted. Its front descends abruptly onto your forehand before rising into the wing's profile close to your back hand. A more natural position to sheet in results from this.



Never before has light wind riding been so successful. With the help of our Compact Wing Concept (CWC) patent, you may increase the surface area within a given wingspan without sacrificing performance or lightweight. The two additional struts enhance the wing's surface without lengthening or widening the leading edge.

Due to the unique geometry's simplicity of use and high power, the aircraft seems lighter and has a smaller wingspan. When pumping and planning, the small outline makes it simple to get off to an excellent start. The CWC V3 allows you to ride effortlessly, giving you the impression that you are using a 5m2, and with wingtips that naturally remain away from the water's surface. It is highly agile and simple to flip around while on the water.

Last but not least, this wing's already amazing high range has been enhanced so that you can absorb the gusts if the wind comes up. 

There are four sizes of the STRIKE CWC V3 available, ranging from 6 to 9m2. We have this year added the 9m2 to the collection because this design is perfectly suited to larger surfaces. Larger riders will be able to maximize their mild wind workouts with this size.

With the STRIKE CWC V3, a total game changer for your light wind days, strut your stuff.