F-One Bandit XVI 12m

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The legend, redefined.

Discover the ultimate in refinement with the newest BANDIT version, which offers its renowned precision feel and boosts overall comfort. The BANDIT XVI offers more stability, efficiency, and sharper performances than ever before thanks to a significant effort to smooth out the entire profile. 

  • Smooth profile and controlled deformation for incredible efficiency
  • Impressive stability no matter the conditions
  • Absolute control at all time
  • Amazing responsiveness for epic sensations
  • Precision flying with an excellent range
  • Effortless upwind abilities

In the air, the BANDIT remains much more stable regardless of the direction of the wind. This kite can do it all—from strapless to big air to freeride—and do it incredibly well. It always turns gusts into forward pull, so you can ride at your best at any time thanks to its excellent control and support.

The R&D team put a lot of effort into creating an incredibly streamlined profile for the 16th edition, and they included unique staggered seams to both the leading and following edges. When the kite is completely powered, the tension line at the seam is broken, leveling the canopy's overall profile. We also maintained the fabric's tension-oriented orientation. 

The staggered seams on the back of the profile have allowed us to lessen the overtensions. The two vertical panels have been combined into one, and a new TECHNOFORCE 66 panel has been produced for sizes 9 m² and less. In order to provide better control over the profile on smaller sizes for higher winds, it is stronger and more resistant to elongation.

We have retained the two layers of TECHNOFORCE 52 canopy with staggered seams on the trailing edge for sizes 10 m2 and larger in order to ensure lightness.

All of this increases efficiency. All things considered, the flawlessly level canopy profile increases stability without causing vibrations or the bar to move, and it results in amazing high-performances.

The Kevlar strip at the top has also made the reinforcing of the struts incredibly svelte. This lessens aerodynamic disturbances, enhances steering and maneuverability, and lowers the kite's total weight when wet.

Even under overpowered situations, the arc remains steady thanks to the two pulleys and our original five points connections bridle.

The kite's reactivity is increased by the new, CNC-shaped, anodized aluminum reduced friction "pulleys," which are incredibly lightweight. They also increase the bridle's overall durability and abrasion resistance.

Owing to its renowned Delta C-Shape—the only kite design that is still patented—this kite has unmatched bar feel, the greatest relaunching capability, and remarkable stability.

The remarkable instantaneous steering reaction allows for precise flying with the optimal ratio of input ease to kite feedback impulses. As a result, there is no stalling and the feel is quite linear.

It's now easier and more comfortable than ever to go upwind. This kite will refuel you upwind after you attempt new jumps and acrobatics!

With 16 years of continuous eligibility, the BANDIT never fails to dazzle.

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