Can I Use My Wakeboard for Kiteboarding?



We get this question all of the time, considering kitesurfing attracts a lot of watersports enthusiasts including a large number of wakeboarders. Wakeboarders already have an investment in a board and often want to know if they can use the boards they are comfortable with. The answer is yes, you can use a wakeboard, but it will have its limitations and is not conducive to learning to kiteboard. Here are some things to consider when deciding to use your wakeboard.

These boards are originally designed to be used at a constant speed, being pulled behind a boat. With kite surfing you are dealing more with variable speeds, especially in lower winds. This can cause these boards to stuff, where the nose of board goes under water.

Wakeboards are usually outfitted with a boot binding system similar to those on snowboards. You will usually be flying the kite when you put your board on so, you will want to find a binding that is easier to get into and easier to get off.  This is typically only accessible to intermediate to advanced riders.

Wakeboards are preferred for riding in higher winds and kiteboarding with a lot of power. They hold a rail extremely well and can be helpful in controlling your speed in higher wind situations. They are also very short and are good for rail to rail transitions.

They are not very efficient for lower winds and especially when learning to kite. We recommend you use a kite specific board equipped with strap bindings.