Mystic Longarm 3/2 Shorty Zipfree Wetsuit Small

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A new take on a the old wetsuit.  The Mystic Zipfree 3/2 shorty is a one of a kind suit. Using Mystic's M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, this suit becomes the most flexible suit in their line.  The  Zipfree 3/2 shorty uses neoprene taping on critical seams and GBS stitching only halfway through the fabric to keep the water out. With Mystic's Mesh Neoprene that has closed cells and cuts down on wind chill and making this suit the best 3/2 you will wear. Th Mystic Zipfree 3/2 shorty is the most hassle free suit that you won't want to deal with a zipper ever again.