Skywatch Windoo Unit 1 Windmeter

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Works with various iPhone, iPad, iPod, and major Android smart devices.  For a complete list, see:

Now COMPATIBLE with iPhone 6.

The Windoo 1 accurately measures Wind, Temperature, and Wind Chill.

The Skywatch Windoo is a App-compatible plug-in weather station for iOS and Android Smart devices by outstanding Swiss makers JDC Electronics, known for their precision and innovation.  Made in Switzerland, the Windoo is a small sleek design (~ 2x 5/8 inches, or 5x 1.5cm) and features an Omni-directional impeller for accuracy facing any direction, as well as a high-grade anodized Aluminum body and Carbon case for durability and light-weight.  It easily fits in your pocket, yet also has a built-in key-ring hole for attachment directly to a key-ring or the wrist strap (which comes included with each unit).

**SPECIAL NOTE - Windoos do NOT work with LifeProof brand cases while the case is on the phone.**

The Windoo 1 allows for several Unit types to be selected for wind speed, and degress Celsius or Farenheit for temperature.  The measurable range is very large also, from 0 to 93 mph for wind, and -13 to +140 degrees Farenheit for temperature and wind chill. The FREE app is very easy to use, and shows all your measurements at one time.  You can share results via Facebook, Twitter, or email, you can record your readings for future review, and your reading will even show up on a worldwide map of measurements that can be accessed straight form the app or from the website with any internet connection.

The Windoo has the widest range of measurements of any Smart-device windmeter or weather station, the precision and cool, smart looks you want, and the most user-friendly size and app on the market. When don't you want to Windoo?