Mystic Supreme Lobster 5mm Gloves

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If you are looking for the warmest glove possible you've just found it. The Mystic Supreme Lobster glove is a 3 finger mitt style glove that reduces the amount of neoprene between your fingers. This reduction of neoprene helps fight hand fatigue and lets your fingers stay warmer together.

This might come in handy. Losing sensation in your fingers sucks. To make sure your fingers won’t ever turn blue again, we’ve created the hottest precurved 5 finger glove and lobster glove with liquid seams out there.


- Liquid seams (100%): all seams
- GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
- Junction taping inside
- Wind Mesh neoprene
- Wrist cuff
- Friction grip


- M-Flex 2.0 (100%)
- Flaremesh