Manera Halo Kiteboarding Harness with Spreader Bar

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Infos & Characteristics

It all began with a review of the benefits and drawbacks of the available harness technologies, specifically with reference to the softshell (the traditional flexible harness) and the hardshell (the rigid shell harness):

The Softshell

The softshell perfectly adjusts to the user's movements and body type.
However, the force of the kite causes it to distort, compressing the user's sides.
Because of this, it is very adaptable yet has limited grip.

The Hardshell

With a hardshell, the user's sides are not crushed, and the harness does not deforming under the kite's pressure. However, it cannot adjust to the user's movements or body type. As result, it has excellent grip but limited versatility. 

This harness offers unmatched support and ideally fits your body type and movements thanks to the separation of the "effort management" and "comfort" functions.

Adaptive shell

With the goal of producing the greatest product possible, the Manera research and development team has worked to maximize the benefits of the two existing technologies while removing any drawbacks. This is the origin of the "Adaptive Shell."

The Adaptive skin and the Hardshell are the two primary components of this unique technology.

Our harness offers unmatched support and ideally fits your body type and movements thanks to the separation of the "effort management" and "comfort" functions.

Adaptive skin

With its flexible material, the Adaptive skin is a support skin that offers the user the greatest amount of flexibility and adaptability. Its purpose is to promote comfort because it comes into direct contact with the body.


The Hardshell, which is a stiff arc, keeps the harness from bending and crushing the user's body when the kite applies intense pressure.

Its purpose is to control the mechanical pressure applied to the harness; it has no contact with the user or the back of the adaptive skin.

Arc Spreader Bar

With a harness that is better held in place, the ARC is a new generation spreaderbar designed to provide a more accurate and comfortable navigation experience.