Manera Eclipse Kiteboarding Harness XL Black with Spreader Bar

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The Manera Eclipse harness is a next generation hardshell harness. The Manera Eclipse kite harness provides the support of a hardshell harness while maintaining the comfort of a softshell. The unique structure of the Eclipse harness allows the edges of the back plate to remain flexible and comfortable against your body while keeping rigidity through the middle of the harness. This design provides unparalleled weight distribution and support as well as flexibility for even your longest sessions.

Comes complete with spreader bar

From Manera:

Having worked on ergonomic designs for a while, our goal was to push our frame concept to more stiffness, allowing a better support of the back & a lower fit. But something 100% hard was not an option: Our back needs some adaptability & human morphology is unique.

So here comes the ECLIPSE, a skilful balance between stiffness & flex that brings support where you need it and the freedom to move the way you want.