Manera BOOM Impact Vest

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Boom Impact Vest

This vest is extremely comfortable and protective at the same time because of its X10D neoprene structure and SHOTGUM foam construction.
It has a harness zone devoid of foam for the harness and anti-slip technology to keep the vest in place.

With its zipper, you can wear it as a jacket.

Shotgum foam
With its enormous inner aircells and an unparalleled softness, lightness, and shock-absorbing capacity during the manufacturing process, SHOTGUM foam makes our impact vest the most pleasant and functional one you've been experimenting with.

Hyper stretch - X10D neoprene
The X10D neoprene utilized in our wetsuits is the only material used to construct the structure of our vest.

With its amazing flexibility, durability, softness, and UV resistance, the quality of this neoprene is no longer debatable.

The waist of the vest has an inside, unique ANTI-SLIP material printed all around it. This material, which is soft, flexible, and sticky at the same time, prevents the impact vest from rising during motion or collisions or when the harness pulls upward.

Harness zone
To ensure that the harness fits comfortably around the waist, the Kitesurf vest features a unique zone devoid of foam panels. The HARNESS ZONE is this.