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Manera Biggie Bag


The Biggie is a remarkably lightweight and functional bag designed to hold a lot of items.

It features several handles on all sides, net pockets within, and strengthened straps fastened with metal buckles.

Four kites or wings, a harness, a wetsuit, a pump, and a kitebar may all fit inside the Manera Biggie kite and wing carrying bag. It's a lightweight, very capable wing bag for kiteboarding. With its numerous handles, internal net pockets, and strengthened straps fastened with aluminum buckles, this backpack is ideal for both kiteboarders and wing foilers. The huge square shape of the Manera Biggie makes it ideal for throwing from the garage to the vehicle.

Perfect for carrying your kites, harness, wetsuit, and foil wings
Dimensions: 85cm X 33cm X 58 cm ( 2' x 2.5' x 1')
4.73 lbs