Cabrinha COS OD Trimlite

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COS Cabrinha OverDrive Trimlite Control Bar


The Control System is the most important component of kiteboarding equipment. A system that you depend on for both your safety and well-being and as your physical connection to the outside world.

Kite Design requires a lot of effort. To make a kite the best performing product on the market, the Cab Design Works Team spends countless hours fine-tuning and altering how it feels. You need a control system that offers you a direct connection to the kite if you want to make the most of all your hard work. You should be able to concentrate on having the greatest fun in the elements by using a connection that is easy to use and straightforward.

Introducing the COS.

The COS was designed with the intention of being as simple to operate as possible so the rider could focus on the next jump or wave.

Although this is the control system with the greatest features to date, it is so easy and intuitive to use that anyone can enjoy all of its advantages.


  • NEW: intuitive and quick-Cabrinha operating system
  • NEW: Lightweight durable stainless steel cleat
  • NEW: Dual PU coated tubes providing automatic un-swivel when sheeting
  • NEW: Soft-touch trim handle and line with integrated bungee
  • low v connection for direct steering
  • Bio-based Dyneema™ low elongation flying lines for direct and uncompromising performance
  • 22m stock flying lines with 2m extensions (18m+4m+2m)
  • Color coded line connection, for improved safety
  • NEW: reduced width for a precision control
  • NEW: Stainless steel indexing dual chambered lightweight bar centre
  • Asymmetric design with superior comfort and traction for enhanced grip
  • Easy adjust Overdrive bar end with 8cm width- and leader adjustment
  • Fully retracting bungee line retainer
  • Soft, yet durable and ergonomic injection EVA bar ends with flex grooves