2024 Eleveight WS V7

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2024 Eleveight WS V7

The new WS has limitless potential because to its lightning-fast turns and lightweight design. It delivers great performance throughout disciplines while being stable and nimble, and is adored for its easygoing riding.

With light initiation, the WS instantly changes to auto-pilot so you can easily catch waves, relax, or even foil. Watch it drift, absorb gusts, and turn on a dime spontaneously without the need for any assistance.

When you need it, the Open-C hybrid three-strut design delivers power, and the canopy has been tuned to distribute force more effectively for stability. With the use of our unique XT light fabric, Version 7's inflatable structures have even less weight, which improves their ability to drift. The WS is stall-free and forgiving, making it simple to fly even at low altitudes.

Your turns are quick and accurate for fluid carves thanks to your very quick pivotal qualities. The new sizes and enormous wind range increase accessibility, and riders adore the mild, yet direct bar pressure.

Free-riders and wave addicts both love the agility of the WS.

Key Changes:

  • XT light fabric reduces weight in the inflatable structure by 15%
  • New 10m and 12m sizes added
  • Squared wingtips even quicker turn initiation
  • New panel cuts in the canopy distribute force more efficiently
  • Harmonized to build more consistent power that's easy to control
  • Smaller LE bridle deflectors