F-one Strike Wing

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The freedom of the wing foil are unparalleled. Being the sole link between the wing and the foil gives you a special sense of freedom. Making the right wing selection is crucial to getting the most out of the experience.

No matter your skill level, the STRIKE V.2 and its new design will provide you with even more potential to maximize your sessions.

Controlled power, performance, and comfort with adaptive wing design
Pre-loaded Canopy: The wing maintains its shape at all times thanks to our special canopy tension.

Center of traction between your two arms is perfectly balanced.
renowned lightness, necessary for freefly
Stability in motion for a completely regulated ride
Unparalleled forward traction to increase upwind and lessen fatigue
extended wind range, ensuring control and performance throughout all of your workouts

Adaptive Wing Design

In contrast to the "all-rigid" tendency in the industry, we created the Adaptive Wing Design, a novel idea that strikes the ideal balance between performance and comfort.

High quality stiff, handheld wings are challenging and awkward to hold, especially without a harness. Similar to the mast bend, opening of the leech, or depower in kitesurfing, a wing must be able to absorb that power.

The Adaptive Wing Design of the STRIKE V.2 allows for flawless traction control by converting every gust of wind into useful energy. This innovative wing is made to adapt through a controlled deformation, preserving a high-performance profile and enabling previously unheard-of stability over its whole range of application.

We worked on the leading edge and changed the middle strut's shape to get this result. With a segmented cut, it can now better regulate its curvature and deformations. We also improved the twist of the wing.


Dacron and polyester, two common materials that both provide a wide range of design options, are still ideal for exploring the realm of Adaptive Wing Design. We have improved our ability to analyze the structural and reinforcing requirements of a wing thanks to our expertise and the comments we have received on previous designs. Even stronger and more long-lasting will be the STRIKE V.2.