F-one Bandit S3 Kiteboarding Kite

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The F-ONE design team was able to create the ideal fusion of surf and strapless freestyle components for this third iteration of the BANDIT S.

Enjoy the kite's effortless flying ability and flawless handling in every circumstance. It is highly responsive, intuitive, and capable of great drift.
The BANDIT S3 rapidly enhances surfers' abilities!

  • Absolute control at all time
  • Intuitive traction
  • Amazing turning response when sheeted out
  • Instant depower to forget about your kite when surfing
  • Lighter and even more precise


The BANDIT S3, a true partner for surfboard riders, closely monitors your every action. Power management is always an option. Throwing the kite in the window won't cause it to spike in power; instead, it will only allow you to kite smoothly in the proper position and ride by feel. It gives you a smoother ride and keeps you connected to your board at all times. Your trajectory is not being changed, nor are you being pushed away.

Due to its forgiving nature, the BANDIT will wait while you enter your next input.

The BANDIT S3's beautifully balanced bar feel, which is very easy on your arms, provides fingertip control at all trim levels.

When sheeted out, the turning response has improved, allowing you more almost-willful control over the kite's location. The kite's handling is precise, giving you a smoother ride and maintaining contact with your board. Your trajectory is not being changed, nor are you being pushed away.

Clean power supply is easy to adapt to even though it is rapid.

Drifting is perfect, your lines get a little slack, and the BANDIT S3 retains and is prepared for your next input in less than a second, allowing you to keep your kite engaged while surfing.

A new diameter on the leading edge provides additional control.

The new double vertical panel provides a streamlined profile for the most stable flying and is located along the trailing edge.

Enjoy the BANDIT S3's distinct flowing characteristics, which will let you draw lines and achieve some airs while maintaining complete control.




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