Eleveight Airgo Footpads

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With their antislip EVA cushions and two adjustable straps that hug your feet, the Airgo V4 bindings provide complete control, snug but comfortable fit, and landing and chop cushioning.

Superior comfort and sophisticated control are offered by our top-quality Airgo V4 pads and straps, which enable the optimal connection to your twin tip. Our R&D team developed a system that is quick to deploy and completely adaptable. The base plate and strap system are simple to put together and give the rider instantaneous control over stance, center alignment, and foot angle. These ergonomic changes are essential because the right placement improves comfort and riding performance while also reducing the risk of injury. The adjustable twin straps and the soft, non-slip EVA provide a snug fit that provides total control. Your knees and ankles are shielded from chop and harsh landings by the padding, which also guarantees an amazing riding experience. The package is eco-friendly and devoid of plastic.


  • Snug and comfortable fit for grip and control
  • Smart design for easy and fast assembling
  • Diverse stance options to suit any rider
  • Highly adjustable to fit any foot
  • 3D footbed cushions chop and hard landings