Dakine & Cabrinha Unite Under One Roof

Miami, Florida – January 7, 2020 – Adventure Sports Inc. (ASI), a subsidiary of Waterbound Investments, the owners of the Maui-based Cabrinha brand, the world leader in performance kitesurfing equipment, further solidifies its leadership of the wind and wave sports market. Today, ASI announces that it has reached an agreement with Marquee Brands, the global owner of the Dakine brand, to become the global licensee for Dakine branded wind and hydrofoil related products.
Dakine and Cabrinha, both born in the very same cannery in Maui, HI, share a rich history and culture. Their unparalleled track record of innovation is entrenched in the very fabric of wind and water sports worldwide. With its first product being the adjustable foot strap for windsurfing, Dakine has been at the forefront of leading wind and wave sports accessories since 1980. The brand is synonymous with innovation and quality. 
Kent Marinkovic- Adventure Sports, Inc. CEO: “Even in the most perfect world, you couldn’t dream of a better pairing than we have created with Dakine and Cabrinha. They are literally two of the most iconic brands in wind sports. Each has led with several industry-changing innovations that have shaped the way that many of us enjoy the water today. Remembering back to my earliest days of windsurfing and all of the way through my Olympic Windsurfing Campaign, I remember using Dakine products because they were by far the best. To the benefit of both brands, and our family of partners, this move further empowers our group to add to and build upon our state-of-the-art development and design resources, helping us to further expand our leadership role within these sports. I’m stoked and looking forward to great times ahead!”
Employing much of Dakine’s wind product, test, and design team, ASI will add the power and support of their legendary Maui based Cabrinha design group, honoring Dakine’s historic commitment to the core principles of quality, innovation, and passion that have made it the iconic brand that it is today.
Perfectly situated to design, develop, and test in the broadest range of conditions, ASI will utilize its strategically located team and facilities in Maui, Hood River, and Miami. The product offering will expand significantly while striving to build upon Dakine’s culture and core product offering.
Jon Modica- Waterbounds Investments Chairman: “Both Dakine & Cabrinha products are the bedrock of the kitesurfing and windsurfing industry. If you’re a kitesurfer, you’re guaranteed to know somebody who learned on a Cabrinha Kite with a Dakine Harness. This is clearly a winning combination and was an easy decision for our investment group".
Dakine Winds operations will be housed within ASI’s headquarters in Miami and supported by the same dedicated team that brings quality service to its Cabrinha partners. This is a group of avid enthusiasts bringing knowledge, passion, and excitement to the water every day. Dakine Wind will continue to focus on advancing product development and working with Marquee to support its team of athletes and ambassadors.
Brent Beringhaus- Dakine Wind Brand Manager, “With the Cabrinha team's passion for wind sports and Dakine’s legacy, it feels great to be part of such an experienced and talented team. Our team has a deep passion and desire to create the best possible equipment to give you the ride of your life.”
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