Nobile Zen Foil G10 Freeride

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Beginner and intermediate wings are designed for riders who like to ride comfortably. Simple takeoff that is quite stable while maintaining speed. Excellent for introductory flying or something lighthearted for experienced to proficient pilots. We set ourselves the critical goal of having sturdy wings that are also fast, light, sturdy, and easy to maneuver when we were constructing them. In pursuit of this objective, we were moved by the captivating Hummingbird's wings. Rarely is the natural order incorrect. Tens of thousands of years of evolution have given these small birds the capacity to fly with astounding speed and agility—they can reach up to 120 km/h and can hover in midair as well as glide sideways and backwards in flight. What better model for our R&D department's creation of two distinct hydrofoil wing lines than the beautiful natural pattern of a hummingbird's wings? One is a normal foil made of sturdy G10 material, while the other is a carbon foil with curved ends.

Surface: 800cm2

Span: 60cm

Aspect ratio: 4.5


Included in Kit:

Foil: Zen Foil G10 Freeride

Wing: G10 Freeride

Mast: 86cm

Straps: Nobile Foil Straps X3

Fins: Nobile 7.4