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The GRAVITY range of foils is made to offer a stable lift with a simple and gradual take-off. Like its best-selling carbon sibling, this GRAVITY FCT is the perfect foil to get going and advance steadily and self-assuredly.

  • Aspect Ratio: 5.0
  • Accessible, forgiving, reliable
  • Smooth and early take-off at slow speeds
  • Stability and lift
  • Great speed control

Available in 1800 cm²/ 2200 cm²
Ref.  77207-0820 / 77227-0802

A GRAVITY foil makes sense. It produces lift at relatively low speeds, yet it does it smoothly, allowing you to maintain your balance with ease.

There are two sizes in the range: 1800 and 2200 cm². Such sections on foils allow for better lift and stability as well as an earlier takeoff. Still, we made sure they had an adequate aspect ratio to prevent needless drag and to keep a respectable speed range.

It is a very dependable and intuitive foil because of its wide width. It is also quite stable overall and gives you control over low speeds. Its exceptional maneuverability is ensured by its sophisticated design details, which include the profile, wing tips, and arch curvature.

For those who wish to continuously advance and learn foiling, our GRAVITY FCT range is a great choice. Because of its strong and resilient materials, which can tolerate common errors made during the early learning phases, this foil is generally very forgiving.

With the Foil Compression Technology, an F-ONE invention that provides remarkable mechanical qualities, the GRAVITY FCT line is more accurately constructed. The standard F-ONE aluminum mast of the required length can be attached to the fuselage. The entire thing is highly travel-friendly and is quite simple to assemble and disassemble. Overall, this technique preserves the DNA of its carbon cousin while offering one of the most widely available and scalable foil arrangements.


The C275 SURF stab is made especially for pumping and carving. Because of its flatter arch shape, it pumps with great efficiency and connects more waves. With a very loose feel more akin to a shortboard, its design and smaller area assure fast turns and increased speed.

  • Efficient pumping
  • Sharp turns
  • Loose feeling

Its profile and angle of incidence were calibrated to produce a very intuitive balance, and it was built using pre-preg carbon and engineered to be attached firmly on F-ONE fuselages.


The wing connection of the F-ONE Alu Fuselage 74 SURF is extremely stiff. Its aluminum construction makes it incredibly sturdy and facilitates the simple connection of the appropriate front wings and stabilizers.

  • Ideal stability
  • Robust and durable

The aluminum masts of F-ONE are directly attached to this fuselage. It is composed of premium aluminum 6061, completely anodized, and CNC machined with extreme precision. Utilizing this uniform material to its fullest potential, the aluminum profiles provide ideal rigidity in both bending and torsion.

This fuselage is supplied with the necessary screws to connect the mast (2x M6-25mm) and the stabilizer (2x M6-15mm).

  • You cannot use a carbon mast on this fuselage.

WEIGHT: 0.97 kg
SIZE : 74 cm

Included in Kit:

F-One Foil Gravity 1800 Front Wing

F-One Stabilizer 275 Surf

F-One ALU Fuselage 74 Surf