F-One Gravity 1400 Foil Kit

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The F-ONE GRAVITY 1400 wing is perfect for exploring downwinders, foiling, and enjoying the smallest waves.

  • Low speed take-off
  • Very stable
  • Superior glide

Area : 1480 cm3
Aspect Ratio : 4.3

Improved connection with our integrated Titan Connection, designed specifically for bigger wings, and a new, thicker section profile for a very gradual liftoff

development of the wing's rake and arch to best balance control and maneuverability
The design aims to make surfing and carving some lines easy to use:

*Early launch of the liftoff

*Simple entrance into the curves for a few logical paths

*Perfect dexterity for swift rotations

*Complete speed control to become a surf expert

*Geared for those looking for a wing to foil on a range of waves, from small and gentle to larger and more rapid.

*Extremely fluid through the corners, making it possible to draw long or tight circles while maintaining strong speed control and pumping to catch the next wave.

*Constructed with a very light core and pre-preg carbon for the optimal weight to strength ratio.

*Titan Connection: To facilitate easier transportation, the fuselage is divided into two sections, and the wing is directly attached to the mast by the Titan mast foot. For optimal control, this configuration provides improved rigidity and load distribution across the various components.

**Mast not included

***Foil Case has Large Tear, can send pictures if requested***