F-ONE Aluminum Mast

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Any foil sport, including windfoil, kite, surf, wing, and SUP foil, can utilize the F-ONE aluminum mast. Extrusion of the profile from a 6063 aluminum block is done precisely.

Our years of experience foiling kites have helped shape its section so that it provides the best gliding feel while maintaining strength and weight reduction. It is completely modular since it has two stainless steel helicoil inserts to secure the connecting pieces at the top and bottom.

Any foil in the range can be used with the aluminum mast, and switching between lengths is a breeze.


Our aluminum profiles, which are made through an extrusion technique, maximize the homogenous material to offer ideal stiffness in both bending and torsion. Every region in touch with carbon components or other metals is appropriately sealed off to prevent galvanic reactions.

Aluminum 6061 machining blocks maintain the mechanical qualities of this higher grade of aluminum while providing the highest level of precision. Every component is completely anodised, and when fastening is necessary, insulating gel is installed in stainless-steel inserts.