Eleveight 2023 RS V6 Kiteboarding Kite 8m

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The RS is a delta-hybrid powerhouse with distinct surf and freestyle characteristics that is incredibly adaptable and built for endless freeride performance.

The RS, a popular and adaptable kite, continues to stoke freeriders in a matter of seconds. The all-around powerhouse Version 6 is made to dominate any kite placement, boost enormous airs, and tame any storm.

Significantly whether chasing waves or blasting freestyle races, the RS delivers exceptional performance thanks to significantly smoother power generation and extremely direct feel.

Due to the aerodynamic delta-hybrid design's exceptional efficiency, the whole wind range could be covered by a quiver of just two kites. The architecture has a large angle of attack, a medium to high aspect ratio, and additional grunt and power. The RS kite stands out for its dynamic speed, ample hangtime, and explosive forward motion.

No matter how breezy the circumstances or choppy the sea, the RS rapidly goes upwind and is packed with useful features. Riders of all skill levels may use the canopy because to the added stability provided by the frame structure and load seam. The weight of V6 has been decreased for all sizes while providing an improved bar sensation with direct feedback.

The RS is quick to react and has endless riding potential thanks to its swift fly and turning abilities.


  • Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel
  • Versatile performance for all riding styles across a huge wind range
  • Ultra-stable construction efficient in any condition
  • Plug and play with massive hangtime as well as easy upwind travel 
  • Precise and fast with smooth turning characteristics

Wind Range: