Eleveight 2025 RS V8

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Cross Over Freeride

Our flagship RS kite breaks boundaries in the freeride pack thanks to its performance and versatility.

Performance features

  • Plug-and-play freeride performance
  • Versatile with a huge wind range for all riding styles
  • Smooth and stable with easy turning and a direct feel
  • Efficient in low winds and performing in all conditions
  • Massive hangtime and easy upwind travel

One kite fits all

The remarkable adaptability of the RS enables you to get the most out of your workout regardless of the circumstances or your skill level. You'll feel comfortable riding the RS anywhere, whether you're cruising or launching huge airs, thanks to its lightweight, direct, and stable 3-strut delta design.

Extraordinary efficiency

 Its remarkable aerodynamic design gives it the ability to traverse the whole wind range with just two kites. The RS V8's profile provides exceptional low-end performance efficiency under all circumstances. With the addition of XT Light material in the 14m and 17m sizes, performance in lower winds is now even more optimized, and turning speeds are increased.

Massive hangtime easy upwind travel

 The RS is notable for its incredible forward propulsion and hangtime. The increased angle of attack makes loop recovery breeze, and the RS moves quickly upwind through any gusts or choppiness in the sea. Whether you're cruising, popping freestyle tricks, or chasing waves, you'll adore the RS's adaptable performance.

Fast, agile and smooth

Given its quickness and agility, the RS excels at dynamic, smooth turns. To improve dynamic performance, the wingtip curvature has been modified. Additionally, a change in the bridle attachment point lowers bar pressure while enhancing turn start.

New for V8: 

New for V8 ‘Development never stops’ and we’re constantly improving the RS. With the V8, the canopy's revised panel cuts provide more effective lifting and looping capabilities. In order to facilitate quicker turns and less bar pressure, the bridle attachment points have been moved towards the tips. Additionally, a new 3D bridle deflector guards against inversion. Dynamic turning is made possible by the wingtip curvature, while the 14- and 17-meter sizes of XT Light fabric improve performance in lighter winds and accelerate turning.

Who is it for?

Whatever your preferred style of riding, the RS kite offers flexible and all-around option. Big air riders appreciate it for its double-loop capabilities, but it's most suited for freeriding, but it can handle anything in between. Whatever your taste, the RS is versatile powerhouse that will quickly get you excited!

Durability and long-lasting performance are ensured by the strength and tear resistance of our excellent X4 canopy fabric. X4 is designed to be dynamic and was created solely in collaboration with Teijin, the top provider of sailcloth materials. X4 boasts a high-temperature UV-resistant resin finish and minimal elongation, thanks to its superior 4×4 ripstop polyester yarn.

Performance Features

  • Ultra high tenacity polyester yarn
  • Produced by Teijin, the leading supplier of sailcloth materials
  • Precise and responsive flight characteristics
  • Extreme rip protection against peak loads, tears and punctures
  • Enhanced durability with less wear and tear


  • 20 – 40% less elongation stretch then other traditional ripstop materials
  • 4 x 4 Ripstop yarn with outstanding performance and Quality
  • High temperature resin finish including UV filter
  • Less stretch in all directions (0°, 90° & +/- 45°)
  • Less elastic fatigue
  • Increased longevity

Wind Range: