Eleveight 2023 RS+ V1 Kiteboarding Kite

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The RS+ is packed with new technology for the ambitious rider expecting a genuine top performance product from Eleveight and is their lightest and most inventive kite to yet.

If you currently love the RS, you'll discover that the RS+ has been strengthened to a brand-new level. The RS+ is quick, direct, and powerful, much like a high-performance racing car. The RS+ provides a brand-new premium high performance freeride experience by fusing the core DNA of the RS with our ground-breaking Dynea Tex material.
Compared to conventional Dacron and other common materials used in inflated kites, our Dynea Tex fabric is 30% lighter. This indicates that we have significantly reduced the weight of the kite as a whole. Dynea Tex beats standard Dacron with a higher tear and tensile strength that is up to 32 times stronger because to the intricate weaving of ultra-strong Dyneema fibers. The best compromise between responsiveness, light weight, and long-term performance may be found in Dynea Tex.
Even more weight reduction has been achieved with the help of our new XT Light strut material. It also provides the proper level of rigidity for the frame structure while still allowing for sufficient twist when necessary. The kite's reactivity is greatly accelerated by the improved structural rigidity. The outcome is less distortion and more direct and accurate flying qualities.

The RS+ session upgrade will significantly increase your freeride potential.


  • Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel
  • Superior more durable construction with new lightweight Dynea Tex material
  • Easy handling with powerful lift and massive hang time
  • Ultra-stable light construction efficient in any condition
  • Stiffer frame for optimum response



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