F-One Rocket Air 6'6

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The ROCKET AIR range is a line of inflatable boards essentially dedicated to foiling sports: Surf foil, SUP foil, wing foil, windfoil and even kitefoil.

  • Easy to store and carry
  • Balanced and light for flying
  • Almost indestructible with its superior and extra stiff Dropstitch material

With sizes ranging from 4'10 (75L) to 7'11 (185L), the range offers reliable boards for every kind of rider and every sport. With the additional volume provided by inflatable technology, they offer excellent stability and are designed with the same dimensions and outlines as rigid boards. Moreover, the foil position is the same and offers the same flawless balance during takeoff and flight.

The nearly unbreakable ROCKET AIR boards will provide you with additional padding in the event of a fall. Because they are constructed with higher grade Dropstitch, they add greater stiffness, which is necessary to foil the board with optimum control. Even for experienced riders, the remarkably small weight of the board makes it easy to control and a lot of fun. Lastly, all of the ROCKET AIR boards can be conveniently packed into a tiny backpack for your upcoming excursion.

  • The0 6’6 is better suited for wing foiling, offering a variety of volumes to suit everyone.

Additionally, all sizes have a 4-point mounting mechanism and a complete pad, allowing you to use foil with a top plate. These attach to the 4-point foil mount, a waterproof box that provides rigidity and stability in navigation by joining the deck and hull.