Cabrinha 03S Mantis Wing

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03S Mantis Wing

The Mantis wing is the one that has contributed most to the development and definition of the sport.

The wing that established the standard for stability and rigidity is now in its third generation and has undergone additional refinement to fully realize the potential of wing foiling.

The Mantis V3 is the cleanest and most effective wing to date thanks to the redesigned Convex Strut and greater convex dihedral, which has helped the wing's range by increasing its power to stability ratio. The essential portion of the kite's air foil section has been improved, which has increased the Mantis' low end power and broadened its application.


High rigidity LE Inflatable, Low Dihedral with full powerful profile, Medium AR and convex strut.


  • NEW: Refined lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance
  • High Tenacity dacron for enhanced dihedral stability and improved handling characteristics
  • HD large diameter UHMPWE reinforced closing seam construction
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • NEW: Sprint 3.0
  • NEW: Durable TPU bumpers
  • NEW: Handles - Fully moulded composite widespan handles
  • Hi-vis, Weather resistant, low elongation TPU window
  • Load path panel layout
  • High reactive front handle
  • High rigidity centre section stitching design
  • Lightweight TPU bladders
  • NEW: fine tuned size progressive wing tip twist for forgiving sheeting
  • NEW: Increased convex dihedral for power-to-stability ratio
  • NEW: refined airfoil centre section for low end power
  • NEW: Convex strut for added rigidity
  • NEW: Dump valve for fast deflate


The increased Convex Dihedral has helped expand the range of the Mantis by providing an increased power to stability ratio.


The Load Path Panel Layout has been carefully designed to help mitigate the varying loads and elongation that occur on wings, translating into a cleaner and more structural product in a wider range of conditions.


Refinements to the Frame of the Mantis V3 have allowed for a reduced weight, but increased reactive performance.


The Convex strut on the Mantis V3 provides a stiffer and more reactive connection between the rider and wing.


A larger stiffer diameter LE requires an updated closing seam contribution to withstand the unique forces that winging provides.


Infused with the technology of the Widespan Handles, the Pure Impulse front handle provides a direct location for carrying, maneuvering and also for controlling the wing.