Mystic Poncho Explore 2.0

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Mystic Poncho Explore 2.0 MYSTIC


The Explore 2.0 is our most versatile, weatherproof jacket, perfect for people who lead active lives and spend a lot of time outside. It also has the ability to change into a robe. Teddy fleece lines the entire garment, from hood to hem, making it windproof, waterproof, and prepared for any erratic weather. Make it your go-to jacket for outdoor activities, camping vacations, and before and after boating excursions. If you're fortunate enough, the Explore 2.0 will keep you toasty while you change out of your wetsuit, allowing you to experience the euphoria that follows a successful sesh. Would you like to stay and have a cup of coffee? There's no need to worry; the fluffy teddy lining will almost completely engulf you. It's absolutely amazing and will be a garden staple for years to come.