WOO 3.0 Kiteboarding Performance Tracker

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Woo 3.0!!

The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode or scores your best tricks in Freestyle mode. Progress your riding and Get in the Game!

No one leaves our yard without a WOO.  Track your entire session and compete with your friends and other riders in your area on jump height, g-force landings and now trick games. We use ours on every session.  Everyone is stoked to compete for yard prizes all summer long.  Get your own WOO and join the competition on your next session.  Post your sessions using hashtags and spot geo tags to compete. Playing against your friends, riders at your local spot or the WORLD.  Or turn your WOO into a WOOvie by pairing it to your GoPro footage for the ultimate video.  Don't forget that this is a multi sport tracker.  Use it on the slopes in the winter or in the wake park when the wind has died.  The WOO tracker is a must for any board sport athlete.