USED Cabrinha Foil Package

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Lightly used foil setup from our kiteboarding school. 

The Hi-Rise Speed is an extremely fun setup combined with the Double Agent which is a fast board for turning but can also be used for strapless riding.

The mast length is 85cm which is ideal for riding upwind and getting optimal speed and performance.


The HI:RISE LIFT is designed for riders looking for a diverse wing set, which can take you from your first steps to next level freeride and waves.

The Hi-Rise Lift is a lower aspect, high lifting wing which is perfect for many things. For starters, it is a great way to introduce yourself to hydrofoiling with its easy and stable lifting platform. With its ability to lift at low speeds, the Hi-Rise Lift is also the choice of riders looking to foil board in the surf. Compatible Boards: X:Breed Foil and Double Agent.


Low aspect ratio, Low planing profile section, Moderately swept outline, Progressive anhedral.