Mystic Impact Shield Impact Vest

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The Mystic Impact Shield Vest for Kiteboarding is our most popular selling impact vest here at Kitty Hawk Kites. The Mystic Shield Impact Vest for Kiteboarding is very comfortable with shoulder reinforcements, flex panels, and it offers the most rib support and floatation out of all our kiteboarding impact vests. If total protection while maintaining flexibility and ease of movement is what you are looking for, the Mystic Shield Impact Vest for Kiteboarding is our top pick!

The versatility of having the impact vest seperate from your harness allows the harness to move independently from the vest. This is particularly helpful when riding toeside and you want the harness to slide around to the side of your waistline. The Mystic Shield Impact Vest/Jacket for Kiteboarding also has a full zipper in the front which makes it the easiest vest to put on and take off. Panel for harness to allow the harness to fit over the waistline and prevent the harness from pushing the vest up.

Technical Features:
Oversized arm holes
Slim fit body
Impact mesh foam
Segmented mesh core
Stron YKK zipper
Panel for harness