Mystic Arch Kiteboarding Harness

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The Mystic Arch is one of the best values out there for a waist harness, a perfect combination of soft comfort with rigid support. The Arch harness comes complete with Mystic's banana bar spreader making it one of the most affordable harnesses on the market. Combining the soft comfort of a traditional harness with the load displacement of a hardshell, the Arch is one of the best all around waist harnesses out there. 
A softshell experience with hardshell ambitions. This Flexshell waist harness gives you best of both worlds. Strength, support and maximum freedom of movement at a fair price. The Arch got its name by its load dispersing arch support in the back. The 3D moulded exterior and soft neoprene edges make this harness as comfortable as you can imagine. Hook it up with a bananabar and you’re good to go.