HQ4 One Bar Control Bar

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Are you looking for a high-performance kite to explore the mountains? A kite with enough power in light wind conditions and ample power in loops so it can pull you up the steepest slopes and still be stable on the downhill ride?

That’s exactly what has motivated us to develop the Montana.

Limitless performance, paired with ultimate control. For riding in the mountains, where kiters are always on the edge, stability and depower come first.  during the design process.

Stable, direct, fast – and simply awesome. Made for all of you freeriders and freestylers out there, so you can really get rocking. Feel the punch when you turn the bar and the kite begins lifting you and it seems like the hang-time will last forever. All of this is combined in the Montana, a snowkite to make every one of your sessions better than before.



The new Montana shape strikes a perfect balance between stability and performance. The open cells are designed for optimal airflow around the leading edge in all flight conditions and maintaining maximum internal pressure. The broad wing tips provide good power transfer, helping the kite to accelerate quickly.



Fast, with direct feedback and a strong pull – this is what the Montana is all about. A kite that is always ready to provide you with a lift. The increased cell count greatly increases hang-time even more. It is this availability of power in all situations that makes the Montana extremely well-balanced and offers ambitious riders exactly what they need.



To make a bridle low-maintenance, all you need is good quality.

For years we have employed materials from paragliding and used a mix of pre-stretched Dyneema. Line strength and diameter are finely tuned for lower drag. The mixer system comes with extremely durable Ronstan pulleys.



We employ the tried and tested 30D sail cloth. It’s robust, lightweight and gives your kite a long life.

To make the Montana crash-resistant we have manufactured the profiles with a slightly thicker cloth. Particularly in loops or higher flight levels the stress on the material increases drastically. Dacron reinforcements on the bridle attachments offer the necessary reserves to withstand even the strongest forces.


  • increased cell count for higher performance
  • extremely stable in flight
  • smooth power delivery in loops
  • optimized for light winds
  • high-end sail cloth and bridle materials