HQ Symphony TR 2.1 Trainer Kite

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The Symphony TR 2.1 is a 2 line trainer kite that comes with everything you need to learn the basics of kiteboarding in a safe and affordable package. Like all of our trainer kites the Symphony TR 2.1 comes with a copy of "The Way to Fly" DVD, a $30 value, as well as a coupon for 10% off a kiteboarding lesson.

The Symphony TR has been designed with the ease of use and an affordable price point in mind. Whether you are looking for a kite boarding trainer kite or just a fun foil to enjoy, the Symphony TR offers smooth and precise flying characteristics. Shape and bridle of the Symphony TR allow an easy relaunch after a crash without assistance.

  • flying lines already attached
  • stable flying characteristics
  • relaunchable
  • durable construction
  • perfect first step into power kiting