HQ Rush V Trainer Kite with Free DVD

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 HQ Rush IV Pro Power/Trainer Kite - On Sale

The Rush 5 Pro Relaunchable Kiteboarding Trainer Kite/Power kite is brought to you by HQ Power Kites...three lines give you added safety, reverse launch, and the ability to reverse land the power kite.  

The Rush 5 Pro Power kite is a great way to start into the sport of kitesurfing, but can also be used for kite buggying, landboarding, snow kiting, and more!

Very smooth and stable flying characteristics
Durable construction with reinforced profiles and sewn bridle

3rd line for safety and reverse relaunching
Flying lines already attached to the kite
Excellent light wind performance
Includes leash line with "shock absorber"

Ready To Fly

Cool triangle backpack
Control Bar 50cm
Dyneema line set
Trainer kite guide