F-One Trax HRD Carbon 137x42

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Preform Even Better!

Among the most well-liked Twin-Tips available, the F-ONE TRAX is a genuine classic in our lineup. This versatile board performs exceptionally well in terms of comfort, speed, and glide. The TRAX HRD CARBON, available in carbon version with the unique HRD rail, provides an immediate sense of control over speed and performance.

  • Performance freestyle
  • Explosive pop
  • Exceptional upwind abilities
  • Ultra light and responsive

HRD is a unique construction process that allows for the rails of the board to be shaped in 3D. There are three sections to the rail as it runs the length of the board. In the middle of the board, the rail is thin for grip and improved upwind ability, under the feet the rail is inverted and curved like a surfboard rail allowing the board to smoothly track through chop and improving its carving ability. As the rail reaches the tips, it thins out again allowing superior grip and bite to give excellent pop.

This board provides an immediate sense of performance and speed on the water. No matter the water conditions, the HRD rail is really comfortable and removes spray.

A biaxial carbon complete layer helps the TRAX HRD CARBON by reducing the board's weight. It also provides it with increased strength, a more rigid ride, and a stronger flex reaction. When in the air, its small weight makes it incredibly responsive and a dream come true.

The tips of the board are incredibly responsive, which will help you when you load up the edge for takeoff. The board's flex has been adjusted with the characteristics of carbon fiber to deliver the best pop off the water. The broad outline and channeled base work together to even things out and provide you constant control during landings.

The bottom of the board has a concave step design that combines a traditional single concave with a long channel to provide a locked-in and smooth ride. This design also makes it possible to plan quickly and has great upwind potential.

With its ability to combine edge control, early planing, upwind ability, and chop-friendly handling, the TRAX CARBON is a great option for both novices and experienced riders alike. This board is a great fit for riders who are more focused on freestyle and want longer sessions because of its explosive pop and rigid ride.

This precise board can handle everything, from flat water to severe chop, and you'll get a ride unlike any other with lots of performance at your disposal and complete confidence.

All come equipped with four UNIBOX 50mm fins, which offer better speed and improved glide thanks to their thinner profile.

The Helical Rail Design (HRD), a tripartite rail that offers previously unheard-of levels of extreme comfort, unbelievable grip, increased directional stability, and precision, is a true revolution in the world of twin tips.

New performances and the authentic feeling of floating over the water are offered by the HRD Rail. Additionally, the 16mm thick rail locks the board's twist and significantly strengthens and stiffens the construction.

Strong upwind potential is made possible by the combination of a bottom concave and a channel that tightens the central portion, allowing for quick planing.

By absorbing chop, the concave increases its traction on the water.
The channel offers unparalleled comfort by improving the water's flow and reducing strain on the rear foot.

The majority of your board's mechanical qualities, including strength, flex, and resilience (the capacity to regain its original shape), come from the wood, which serves as its core.

To make sure you get the most out of your board and the most comfort, we constantly look for the optimum compromise between strength, stiffness, and weight while adjusting the wood thickness distribution.

Board flex can be adjusted by form and material combination.

With the flex gradually rising towards the tips for maximum pop and comfort, the deck's form is specifically designed to make the board incredibly responsive between your legs for maximum drive and precision.

It offers more flexibility to the board's tip while decreasing the weight and volume of the core.

When combined with the other deck elements, this gives the board a good bend towards the tips while maintaining stiffness in the middle, which makes for a precise drive, smooth riding, and extra pop for the jumps.

The revolutionary UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins increase the overall ride and early planing thanks to the asymmetrical shape.

On powerful freestyle landings, however, the RESPONSE fins' flex provides incredible rail-grip in addition to pop and forgiveness.