Cabrinha Spark Kiteboarding Lesson Package

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Buy together and save! If you are planning on taking lessons with us here in the Outer Banks do yourself a huge favor and buy this lesson/kite package! It's a fact that having good kite control is the foundation of kiteboarding. What a lot of people don't know is that you can get great practice controlling the kite on your own with a trainer kite before your first lesson. That way when you get here for your lessons you are already comfortable controlling your kite and can focus more clearly on the other building blocks of kiteboarding.

Trainer kites are the safest and easiest way to get into kiteboarding. Spending a few hours flying the Cabrinha Spark can take hours of time off of your learning curve and save you quite a bit of money in lessons while you are learning to fly the kite. The Cabrinha Spark will get you flying on day one safely. This 2m trainer kite has just enough pull to give you great feedback and bar pressure so you can learn the basics.

After you have between 5-10 hours flying your new Spark trainer kite you will be ready for your lessons. This package comes with our Fly and Ride Kiteboarding lesson taught at our Waves Village Watersports Resort in Rodanthe, NC. With the skills you have developed flying your new Spark trainer kite the Fly and Ride kiteboarding lesson will complete the skills you need to get out on the water and start riding. Don't wait for next year, take advantage of this deal and get started today!