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2014 RRD Obsession

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2014 RRD Obsession MKVI 10.5 Kiteboarding Kite - Kite Only

Freestyle Kite

The 2014 RRD Obsession a completely redesigned kite geared towards performance. This kite is new by design but still carries the same feel as the previous year models. If you are not a seasoned obsession rider, I would highly recommend that you try this kite!

The RRD Obsession has remained a synonymous in freestyle performance in the RRD line up.  This kite is a fast turning, hard pulling adventure! Its compact leading edge, moderate c shape, and ridged flying give this kite an incredibly responsive feeling. The Obsessions ability to provide the rider with direct feel and quick response really gives the rider the ability to push his limits to the next level. A faster turning kite means more aggressive transitions, bigger jumps, and smooth consistent kite loops.

Another character of this kite that will separate from the rest of the freestyle kites out there is its incredible low end power. Low end power means this kite will give the rider much more power in lighter wind conditions. This also means that the rider will feel more overall power in normal riding conditions. This is an awesome feature that adds to exhilarating freestyle sessions!Because this kite has so much grunt, you can cover a much large wind range with fewer kites.

The 2014 Obsession is an extremely powerful kite. This may not be ideal for beginners who would prefer to freeride or that are timid pilots. If you are beginner that is motivated to get into the sport because of freestyle, then this kite is for you. The relaunch on the RRD Obsession MKVI is excellent. 

The relaunchablility aids in this kites feature packed benefits! The obsession is a four line SLE (Supported Leading Edge) kite with swept wingtips. This style of kite makes relaunching easy and effortless. The 2014 will take slightly longer to relaunch then the 2013 because of the increased c-shape. If you have never flown and obsession you will be amazed at how quickly this kite relauches. For those of you who have experience with this kite. You will notice only a slightly decreased relaunch time.  The amazing relaunch is yet another feature that every type of rider can benefit from.

If you are addicted to this sport and want to take your riding to the next level, we welcome you to step into the realm of the 2014 RRD Obsession MKVI Kiteboarding Kite! This is kite is a full blooded freestyle machine that is made to get your heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. If you have any specific questions about this kite please do not hesitate to call us!

Call Now: 252-987-2297

"From the Manufacturer"

Improving the Obsession is always a tough task. This year we have re-analized the whole concept of the Obsession design base, and re-considered every pos- sible component to achieve the new MKVI. Firstly the new leading edge arch: the new Obsession is now sligthly more closed than the previous one, looking more like a C shape kite with a bridle. However its aspec ratio is way higher than that, and this keeps intact the boosting power of this real flying machine. Secondly, the new strut design: the vertical shaped struts with the new attachment system to the leading edge, has greatly improved the foil stability, allowing us to flatten the body shape towards the trailing edge. The Kite is now 20% more stable in the air, and thanks to this feature, we were able to completely re-design the bridle.

Now the Obsession is even more powerful than the previous version, yet, incredbly it has even more range in the upper end with a softer, more progressive de-power feel. What seemed and impossible task, was to improve the turning speed. In the big sizes until 10.5, now the Obsession MKVI is not only slughtly faster, but even easier to be kitelooped, with a more constant but neutral feel. All in all we have changed the Obsession inside out, but surely one thing was kept the same: the outstanding grafics that are part of the body of the kite, and are not prinyted on top of it, ensuring a longer lifetime, a lighter weight and a better construction strength. Try one for yourself and understand whye more and more people around the world love this kites!

More Low end Power
Progressive smooth de-power
Medium Bar pressure
Improved turning speed on sizes-10.5 -up -Neutral pull on kite loops

LE Parallel seams for maximum strenght and lower stretching 
Full Dacron leech and wingtips
PVC round label strut end protectors
Metallic PU strut end reinforcements
DP 175 LL Dacron -Tejin T9600 Canopy

Wind Range: