2018 F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series Kiteboard

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The 2018 F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series is one of the smoothest carbon boards you will ride. The Trax HRD Carbon features their HRD technology which allows you to use this board with precision; whether you are going big or popping low and hard, the F-One Trax HRD Carbon will optimize and heighten the skill of any rider.  F-One's 100% wood core delivers the smoothest and easiest pop from a carbon board on the market.   


  • Full Carbon layout: strength/ weight ratio
  • HRD Rail design: Tripratite design for precision and comfort.
  • Smoothest carbon board on the market
  • Wood core for flexibility (ability to return to shape quickly) 


Board Weight**

137x42:6.8 lb
**boards weighed with deck, fins, and handle only